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E.g., Thursday, November 15, 2018
Tai Dang - Sep 20, 2018, 8:19 am

#throwbackthursdays to my 2 personal best #blackcrappie from #gofishinontario, broke my PBs less then a hour apart and by a 1/2" at a time,

I found this pair back in spring of 2012 the dark male was the first in at 16-1/4, the female on the nest was a bit smarter and spooky but got her to go about 45 mins later at 16- 3/4"

The XS70LF loaded with 4lb flourocarbon and a 1/16oz tube jig got the job done that day

I'm looking forward to spending this fall chasing after these critters and those toothy #walleye more

#personalbest #crappiefishing #jurrassicpark #stcroixrodadventure

Tai Dang - Sep 19, 2018, 4:35 pm

Man the bite this passed weekend was tough as nails! No real giants was boated, we did lose a few boatside but hey that's fishing! This lil guy I caught here was pretty special to me... My first #nekorig #smallmouthbass on a 309 #fatfinesseworm and I started experimenting with this technique since the Flw Canada on Quinte this summer for #largemouthbass and they love it too! I can't wait to further dial in this rig for the 2019 season.. I been throwing it on my Legend Xtreme 6'6 Medium Fast - XS66MF , straight 20lb braid and it has been working very well with this technique. #stcroixrodadventure #bestrodsonearth #xzonelures #neko #gofishinontario #catchandrelease #bassfishing #finesse