Two for Two on Laker Trips to ring in the New Year with the New Sled! #stcroixrods #mojoice #fxroutdoor #tacticx #laketrout #icefishing

Done before noon! #FireUpTheSmoker #StCroixRods

Few things are better than a great day of fishing with good friends! #StCroixRods

Moonshine shiver minnows paired with a St Croix ice rod makes for a busy day on the ice catching fish like this......

Moonshine shiver minnows paired with St Croix ice rods makes for a fun day of catching jumbo perch and scrappy walleyes on the ice.

Shiver minnows were once again the ticket to a great day on the ice........

Once again shiver minnows were the ticket to a great day on the ice ....

Ice fishing in the same old 20 below wind chill days. Glad we got the Clam six pack to stay warm and comfortable. Got into some magnum crappies today with 2 over 15. #clamoutdoors #acmetackle #castmaster #MercuryProTeam

A Bitterly Cold Lake Trout Opener but fish were hitting the ice within minutes! We awoke to -30 C weather, stiff winds, and some messy portage trails. Hard Work paid off and our limits of lakers were topside in a Hurry! | FXR Outdoor | St. Croix Rods | Eagle Claw Fishing | Shappell | Vicious Fishing | Venom Lures | JBP Fishing | #stcroixrods

Got it done today in Northeast Indiana. What a great way to end the year. Happy New Year!!

Just enough for a good meal on another sub zero day. The Clam six pack kept us warm. #clamoutdoors #MercuryProTeam

Despite the Brutally Cold Weather, Lake Trout Opener is just around the corner! With this arsenal I'm pretty sure I'm geared up for absolutely anything that Northwestern Ontario has to offer! #stcroixrods #legendblack #mojoice #bestrodsonearth #viciousfishing #eagleclaw #fxroutdoor

Keith Kavajecz, of Kaukauna WI, is a professional walleye fisherman, specializing in tournament fishing and walleye fishing promotions. Keith is a “Legendary Angler” inductee into the National

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Its starting!!!! See our web site for the schedule! Bite On!

Mixed bag ice fishing today #MercuryProTeam

A man and his Gill #StCroixRods

Keeping the busy! Wintertime Math I like.... Slabs + ice = smiles #StCroixRods

The only good thing about this bitter cold? Were another day closer to this... #StCroixRods #whitefish

Visit the factory in 2018 and see how the BEST rods on Earth are made! Well worth the trip...

Visit the St. Croix Rod factory in 2018 and see how the BEST rods on Earth are made! Well worth the trip...

I normally don't mind the cold, but I don't think that I'll ice fish today.