Old hat, new best friend. My St Croix hat has been my best fishing friend, until now! I love the new Legend Bass Pitchin rod (LBC75HMF)! That Heavy power lets you quickly get control of a surging fish, but more importantly, that moderate fast action is great for accuracy and protects you from ripping off fish on short-line presentations. Just awesome for these smallies! #stxroixrod #bestrodsonearth

Had great fishing in the UP at Womens Summer Camp. My Mojo Bass was given a workout! #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

The passion for walleye fishing was ingrained in me at a very early age (spending summers chasing walleyes at Yellowtail and Fort Peck Reservoirs.)  I have passed this obsession on to my son as

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Had the chance to meet up with our sponsor Travis to demo some new jigging rods #StCroixRods #walleye

My St.Croix Legend Tournament snap jig rigged with a Impulse Swimbait fooled several nice trout today including this big brown.

That look when your "walleye" turns into another RB! #StCrooxRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Pre fishing for Cape Coppermine with Danny Toth and this beauty came out to play.

If only my hands werent so big... #BullGill #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

The St. Croix Panfish Series rods have definitely been a hit in my boat! #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

So much fun on a St. Croix Panfish series rod! Dont forget the Mepps! #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Has 3 generations on the boat again today. Kevin and 2 Davids from Gainesville. Great group of guys and lots of fun. Thanks Dan for the referral. Had a good grade of fish today too.

Dr. Brain can catch anything on a St. Croix, but this is his fav, haha #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

More fun with SMBs, this time for the Dog Fish Master... #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Cranks and dandy SMBs have a natural attraction to each other #StCroixRods #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

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Thanks Mike Law for the cool drone shots of me swinging my St. Croix LegendX's on day 2 at Bay City. #bestrodsonearth #yamahaoutboards

Walleye Wednesday! Need I say more! Enjoy the day! #MercuryProTeam

Fishing Guide and Tournament Angler.  I own and operate Liebel's Guide Service on North Dakota's Beautiful Lake Sakakawea.  I also fish the AIM Weekend Walleye Series, along with several other

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What a great opening weekend for Bass in Ontario! Steve Churman and I had an awesome day flipping with the Legend Elite and Legend Extreme 74HF rods. #stcroixrods #bestrodsonearth

Here are some shots of some nice
walleye from and Erie trip last week. These were all released. #MercuryProTeam