Had a great time at the Catch for a Cure Ice Fishing Tournament! We had a busy day on the hardware, for the day we caught 22 catfish, 15 walleye/sauger, and a shiner. This was by far the most catfish I've caught Ice Fishing in one day! Most were around 2lbs but we did get one that was 6.10 lbs which won the big other category for $700! We had one other cat that was just slightly smaller than the biggest one. We caught 9 keeper sized walleye and sauger in a variety of depths from 11-30ft. Our biggest fish came on a rapala jigging rap in 17ft. Other fish came on jig-a-whopper hawger spoons, buck shots, and flyer spoons tipped with minnows. Our biggest key to success was persistence. We moved from hole to hole jigging all day playing every fish like a walleye, even though most fish we marked were likely catfish. Our biggest fish came between 12:30-1:15 which isn't typical ice fishing pattern. But that jigging persistence paid off. Our top 6 fish had a total weight of 14.58lbs anchored by a 3.46lb sauger and another walleye of similar size. That was good enough for 3rd place and a $2000 payday! As always it was a great event for a great cause! I don't know official numbers but I know over $10,000 was raised for Relay for Life! Great job Rex Korslien and everyone else along with Tobacco Gardens for hosting us! #mondaksports #warriorboats #PMinc #100xRetrievers #mackslures #purefishing #navionics

Well today was time to change things up. The bite has been tougher and really need to working for them finicky Perch. So I skipped the live bait and went to plastics just like the open water and what do you know no more nibbling and they crushed it. This bait has been a killer in testing I don't know why I waited this long. This Snake Tongue minnow is a panfish's worst nightmare!

The Next Bite TV is about Big Fish ... Mean Fish ... Fish with Teeth! We are the "Real Deal" when it comes to muskie, pike and walleye, providing real fishing information from real fishing experts

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Looking for a new Deep V Boat this upcoming open water season? Keith knows which one will be the best fit for you!

Seaguar is offering a contest , don't miss out http://winseaguar.com/ #yamahaoutboards #skeeter #Lews

The Next Bite TV is about Big Fish ... Mean Fish ... Fish with Teeth! We are the "Real Deal" when it comes to muskie, pike and walleye, providing real fishing information from real fishing experts

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A new episode is coming at you this week! In this episode, Gary Parsons and Korey Sprengel demonstrate the different actions of glide baits for summertime Walleyes.You can watch this episode tomorrow, January 24th, (12 PM CT) on Comcast Chicago, CBS Sports Network on January 28th (06:00 am CT), Destination America on January 29th (5:30 am CT), and World Fishing Network on February 4th (2:30 PM CT).

I haven't talked about this with many people but I competed in my first BASS Open this past weekend on the Harris Chain. I didn't get the finish I was looking for but I was able to bring a limit to the scales each day and learned a bunch about fishing in Florida and how much those fish change/move every day. The next stop is here at home on Table Rock and I'm hoping to rebound from this last weekend. On another note, I got to put all my Team Lew's Custom Series rods and Custom Pro reels to the test while I was there. They performed great whether I was flipping a heavy weight or slinging a crankbait.

Stomach contents of 2 saugers from yesterday. Makes you wonder, should you upsize instead of the standard downsize?

Love my new hat.

The winning lineup for Dixie Marine at the Cincinnati Sport and Travel Show.

Destination Warrior!!!The start of a new journey....

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Awesome hand made birthday gift from Heidi. 58 is going great! Mom, Ryan, Nicki, Heidi, Sydney, Kristin,band Braysin all helped me celebrate. thanks to all of you. #MercuryProTeam

Spent the day with Mercury pro hank partner at Pittsburg marine open house. Great man and proud to be part of the Mercury team with him!

Mentor a child, and teach them how to fish. They will never forget their 'first catch'! #MercuryProTeam

full house at my seminar today. ..if you missed it you can catch it again next weekend at the boatshow #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle

Now that is fishing knowledge right their! Doctor Sonar and Mr Walleye #MercuryProTeam

At the Cincinnati Sport and Travel Show, Assisting boat sales for Dixie Marine for the past 25 years has been fun!

Cincinnati Sport and Travel Show is underway. Supporting Dixie Marine in boat sales for the past 25 years has been a great deal of fun!

packed house for my seminar at the Milwaukee boatshow. ...if you missed it stop down and check it out next weekend #MercuryProTeam #offshoretackle